16 April 2021 #solidaritygrowers Great sadness in the face of such a disaster...

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Great sadness in the face of such a disaster. 85% of the French territory will have suffered frost attacks between the nights of April 5 and 15 with negative temperatures ranging from -2 ° C to -6 ° C. Only our Alsatian friends will have been spared by the frost which did not followed to the exceptional snowfalls. This is the first time since 1947 that the vines of the entire Rhône valley and the Mediterranean region have been victims to frost. A real fight for our growers who are increasingly helpless in the face of this accelerating climate change. Despite their efforts with a dose of valerian, candles, sprinkling, heating wires, thermonebulization, late pruning, frost-free pruning, protective hedges... most of the buds are roasted, burnt, dead. All the work of a year, gone! You can never imagine enough all the energy it takes to make a wine today. More than ever wine has a soul, more than ever wine is exceptional.

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