----MILLESIME BIO, tables 806-808-869 (Montpellier, 28-29-30 janvier)
----TASTIN’Dublin (21 Février)
----PROWEIN Hall 11, stand N° 11K84 (Düsseldorf, 17-18-19 mars)
----TASTIN’Xiamen (27 mars)
----WWM (Chicago, 29 avril-1 mai)
----VINEXPO WOW (Bordeaux, 13-14 mai)
----HKWSF (Hong Kong, 7-9 novembre)
----TASTIN’ Tokyo/Osaka/Séoul/Taipei (19-22 novembre)

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2018/03/18 - From Prowein with love C162 hall 11 😗🍾🍷🍻


2018/01/29 - Les Pépites de MILLESIME BIO Hall B2 tables 109+111+74


2017/06/18 - Welcome to Vinexpo on our BIOtiful stand A285 VINEXPO Bordeaux hall 1 �


2017/03/20 - Last call for a BIOtiful tasting at PROWEIN on stand L84 hall 11 ��🍷


2017/03/16 - Great news to share on stand ProWein L84 HALL 11, see you on Sunday !


2017/01/31 - BIOtiful team under the sun of Marseille for MILLESIME BIO ☼


2016/11/17 - BIOtiful winemaker diners at The Claridges Hotel, New Dehli (India) : the future is organic ☆


2016/11/17 - BIOtiful success story during Vinexpo together with Xavier Ledogar (Domaine Ledogar), Vincent Caillé (Domaine le Fay d'Homme), Fabien Jouves (Mas del Perié) and Maud Mullard (BIOtiful wines)


2016/09/15 - 2 stars in Guide Hachette 2017 for the Entre Deux Mers cuvee "Tucaou" 2014 ★★ and cuvee "Tradition" 2015 ★★ of CHATEAU FERRAN SAINT-PIERRE


2016/09/01 - 94 points in DECANTER for the Sancerre 2015 of Domaine du NOZAY


2016/09/01 - "Doing wine is like extracting the sky the from the earth » said Frédérick Buisson. His brother Franck added « And drink the wine is like going up to the sky » Great article published about the winery in the magazine Vigneron of this month


2016/06/14 - Big Up for Domaine de Beyssac and his cuvee Essentiel 2014, rated 95/100 by Decanter !


2016/06/10 - Congratulations for Domaine Vincent Caillé, Domaine H&G Buisson, Domaine Grossot


2016/03/13 - We LOVE BIOtiful wines ♥ with Franck Buisson (Domaine H&G Buisson/Bourgogne), Julien Ferran (Château Ferran/Bordeaux et Entre Deux Mers), Fabien Jouves (Mas del Perié/Cahors), Frédéric Broutet (Domaine de Beyssac/Marmandais) and Maud Mullard (BIOtiful wines).

2016/01/25 - Ready to start Millésime Bio table 625 hall B3 with Franck Buisson (Domaine H&G Buisson/Bourgogne), Vincent Caillé (Domaine Le Fay d'Homme/Muscadet), Julien Ferran (Château Ferran/Bordeaux & Entre Deux Mers), Nicolas Despagne (Vignobles Despagne Rapin/St Emilion), Frédéric Broutet (Domaine de Beyssac/Marmandais), Michael Latz (Domaine des Aspras/Provence) and all the BIOtiful wines to taste🍷🍾😃



2015/06/13 - The BIOtiful team at Nicolas Despagne's home, J-1 before Vinexpo Bordeaux



2015/06/01 - 6 coups de cœur in the RVF of this month, so BIOtiful :) Congratulations to domaine Camille Braun (Alsace), domaine Grossot (Chablis), domaine H&G Buisson (Saint Romain), domaine Ledogar (Corbières), domaine de Beyssac (Côtes du Marmandais) and Mas del Perié (Cahors) !!


2015/03/17 - Many thanks to our friends from all the world who came to visit us at Prowein (Düsseldorf) ... prost und bis bald ;-)


2015/01/29 - Nice meetings at Montpellier during Millésime BIO... a great 2015 edition, thank you all :-)





2014/10/29 - BIOtiful success story at Vinexpo Tokyo with Mathieu Ledogar (DOMAINE LEDOGAR) / Corbières




2014/07/04 - BIOtiful synergy at domaine H&G Buisson in Saint Romain : great moments of share and exchange between BIOtiful winegrowers !


2014/06/01 - See you on booth G60/1 and meet our friend Frédéric Broutet (DOMAINE DE BEYSSAC), the new rising star from Côtes du Marmandais (South west)



2014/05/25 - See you soon on booth 3-J40-8 and meet our friend Xavier Ledogar, the great winegrower from DOMAINE LEDOGAR in Corbières-Boutenac



2014/04/25 - the BIOtiful wines are flying to America



2014/04/07 - Great welcome reserved for the BIOtiful wines during VINITALY, grazie mille to our friends from CONSORZIO VINTESA !




2014/04/03 - during VINTALY, the BIOtiful wines celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the CONSORZIO VINTESA, a friendly group of italien organic winegrowers. Join us !


2014/03/31 - Taste our wines at VINITALY on booth G4 (Pavillon 10/Piemonte) of our italien friends CONSORZIO VINTESA



2014/03/28 - DOMAINE LEDOGAR, awesome Boutenac !



2014/03/18 - Let's meet at PROWEIN on booth C58 - hall 5 (Pavillon France Sopexa) with our friends : Franck Buisson (Domaine H&G Buisson), Eve Grossot (Domaine Grossot), Chantal Braun (Domaine Camille Braun) and all the BIOtiful wines for tasting !


2014/03/17 - Great pleasure to hear good comments about the wines of Domaine de Beyssac and Côtes du Marmandais on a famous national french radio !

France Inter

Link to the show "On va déguster" / sunday 16th of march 2014 - 11h00 / François-Régis Gaudry with Dominique Hutin starts on  5 min 55 sec :




2014/02/24 - RDV Hall B3 Allée A Stand 109 with Claudie & Bertrand Cortellini (Domaine Rouge Garance), Xavier Ledogar (Domaine Ledogar) and Frédéric Broutet (Domaine de Beyssac)


2014/01/21 - we are very pleased to invite you at the event BIOvinivins Montpellier during MILLESIME BIO on Jan 28 from 8:00pm to 10:00pm in the restaurant Il Mercato of Montpellier. A great opportunity to taste our BIOtiful wines together with the italian wines produced by our friends from the group VINTESA !


2014/01/20 - J-7 before the opening of MILLESIME BIO (Montpellier) ! Let's meet on our booth B3/504 with our friends : Nicolas Despagne (Vignobles Despagne Rapin), Vincent Caillé (Domaine le Fay d'Homme), Claudie & Bertrand Cortellini (Domaine Rouge Garance), Julien Ferran (Château Ferran)


2014/01/01 - the BIOtiful wines wish you a flowering and flavouring Happy New Year


2013/11/7-12 - the BIOtiful wines in Hong Kong (HKIWSF) and Macao (WWM), 干杯 Gān-bēi !

hong kong


2013/10/23-25 - BIOtiful wines in Moscow and Novossibirsk (Ubifrance), здоровья!



2013/06/17 - A great evening animated by Lénaic Tevelle (wineshop la Cuv) at restaurant Papy fait de la résistance in Bordeaux during Vinexpo with Bertrand Cortellini (Domaine Rouge Garance), Chantal Braun (Domaine Camille Braun), Julien Ferran (Château Ferran), Vincent Caillé (Domaine le Fay d'Homme), Nicolas Despagne (Château Maison Blanche) and Caroline & Olivier COLLARD (Champagne COLLARD-Picard).

Expression Bio Vinexpo


2013/05/07 - Vini Folies in Warsaw under the sun (29°)



2013/04/09 - BIOtiful wines in Tokyo during Hanami



2013/03/24 - J-1 Prowein


2013/01/28 -
"One for all, all for one" (extract from the press review of the professionnal exhibition, Millésime Bio 2013)


Download pdf

2013/01/27 - The BIOtiful winegrowers gather in Montpellier, the day before the opening of the exhibition Millésime BIO (stand 390/392 - hall 6)


2012/12/21 - Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 2013


2012/11/21 - a short harvest wine tour...

vendanges 2012

"One month for a small 2012 harvest which has an excellent potential of quality... and I do not say that every year. Honestly I think that 2012 has the potential to be one of the 3 or 4 great years of my long career "dixit Vincent Caillé of Domaine Le Fay d'Homme (Muscadet).

Same as Domaine Rouge Garance (Rhone). The harvest ended September 26th, just before the heavy rains. They started around the 5th along pinks and whites. "We are very happy with the result because we picked early enough to not have too high degrees" is delighted Claudie Cortellini.

Even earlier, from August 18th, Domaine Ledogar (Corbières) started to harvest the whites : "more than a month and a half for only 17 working days ! However, a very long maturity which allowed a harvest of high quality, unlike other vintages where maturity can be blocked during the heats of the summer" said Xavier Ledogar.

In Alsace, Chantal and Christopher Braun from Domaine Camille Braun are relieved : "harvests have been challenging this year, with very changeable weather. We had to be attentive and very reactive in order to pick the grapes on the right plot and at the right time."

A few hundred miles away, in Champagne, Olivier Collard makes the same observation.

Further south, on the Côte de Beaune in Burgundy, the balance is shared : "due to the spring rains, flowering was difficult. During the summer, hail has particularly affected the villages from Pommard to Meursault. Consequently, the yield of juice is limited, but thanks to the alternance of temperatures on the last weeks, the concentrations are very beautiful " emphasize Frederick and Franck Buisson.

On the contrary, Cyril de Benoist from Domaine du Nozay (Sancerre) thanks Mother Nature for the last few days of rain arrived just before the harvest, which prevented from too much skin : " three and a half weeks of harvest, my God this is long, but what a nirvana ! A choice of quality grapes decided in the plot, followed by an extremely long low pressing to extract the maximum of flavors, fat and fruits. Vintage 2012 will be heaven. "

Julien Ferran from Château Ferran (Bordeaux & Entre Deux Mers ) adds : " thanks to the biodynamic calendar, we knew that 2012 would be a year of water. It has influenced our work of soil (plowing, preparations). This year, wines will be very fragrant, especially the whites - a great vintage for sure !"

Not far away, in Montagne Saint Emilion, Nicolas Despagne says that this vintage presented a real worry of maturity : "when should we harvest ? Grapes were tasty, but the skin was still thick with low acidity, low pH ! Faced with this enigma, we relied on our taste and started harvesting : two work days on, five days off, two days on, five days off, then five working days to finish. Upon arrival, the wines are very colorful and aromatic. "

2012, a vintage so complicated... where it was decisive to follow the vine day by day. A vintage of winemaker whose commitments and convictions have been subjected to severe tests. Cultivating in organic farming was not that easy this year.


2012/11/8 - Flying to the HONG KONG International Wine and Spirits fair (stand SOPEXA D11/H3F):



2012/10/12 - The domaine H&G Buisson in the spotlight

bourgogne aujourd hui 2012


2012/10/11 - Favorite♥ in Guide Hachette 2013, the 2009 Rouge d'Alsace of Domaine Camille Braun becomes a star !

coup de coeur hachette 2013


2012/09/17 - the BIOtiful wines on the road for a french wine tour in Hamburg and Berlin (Germany)

TVF Allemagne


2012/07/06 - the BIOtiful wines at Beijing (China), Shanghai (China) and Taipei (Taiwan) during the French Wine Trade show organised by Sopexa. Thanks to the translators : Sophie, Emilie and Constance !

Pekin shanghai taipei


2012/06/13 - Domaine Le Fay d'Homme, Monnières Saint Fiacre 2009 (17/20) : agrumes, très pur, bouche minérale, lactée, crayeuse, longue et large, bien vif en finale+ Clos de la Févrie 2011 (16/20) : fruits blancs, tendre, élégant, frais, délicat, pas de longue garde, vin de plaisir - LE POINT / Jacques Dupont.

Le point juin 2012

2012/05/21 - BIOtiful wines @London International Wine and Spirit Fair !


2012/05/12 - Vinum simplex, un vin sans maquillage :

Nicolas Despagne

2012/05/09 - Gold medal for Riesling Bollenberg 2011 of domaine Camille Braun at Competition of the Riesling of the world 2012

Camille Braun


2012/04/29 - Opening of the World Wine Meeting of America in Chicago / USA



2012/04/19 - Opening of the French Wine Trade Show in Seoul / South Korea



2012/04/17 - Opening of the French Wine Trade Show in Tokyo / Japon

FWTS TokyoTokyo


2012/03/22 - coming to Chablis to award Saint Romain ! Congratulations for domaine H&G Buisson :

Frédérick et Franck Buisson


2012/02/23 - barbecue in Canada with Aurelia Filion andt Feuille de Garance, drinked on the le web !!! : Rendez-vous avec Aurélia Filion – 21 Domaine Rouge Garance - Terre de Vins /

Domaine Rouge Garance




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